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Middle Ridgeway


Middle Ridgeway is an eloquent book which describes a chalk landscape from prehistory to the present day, taking in farming practices, social history, rural sports and the history of wildlife.

"As I move about in the sunshine I feel in the midst of the super­natural: in the midst of im­mortal things. It is impossible to wrest the mind down to the same laws that rule pieces of timber, water, or earth. They do not control the soul, however rigidly they may bind matter.—'The Story of my Heart."

Richard Jefferies

  • Middle Ridgeway

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Oxfordshire Artweeks

Middle Ridgeway books will be for sale at Anna's open studio exhibition in May, which is part of Oxfordshire Artweeks. Details can be found here.

Wessex Books

Thank you to everyone at the White Horse Book Shop for hosting such a fantastic launch. You can buy copies of our book at this wonderful independent bookshop in Marlborough and other, local independent bookshops.

Wessex Books

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Wessex Books of Salisbury for publishing Middle Ridgeway.